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College Avenue Secondary School is located on an expansive, picturesque campus in the southern part of Woodstock. It is easily accessible to all areas of the Thames Valley District School Board via Highway 401 or Highway 2.

College Avenue Secondary School is a well-designed educational facility that continues to be well-maintained. All teaching areas and hallways are large allowing for the safe and easy movement of staff and students. The main floor is built around an attractive court yard and large water fountain that is a focal point of the school entrance foyer.

 2019-2020 School Focus

CASS SignMuch of the information preceding the calendar/planner section of the Student Planner remains the same as years past. It is well worth reading/reviewing to reinforce expectations placed on all of us for a successful year at CASS. However, we wish to draw your attention to the specific changes, continualtion of initiatives from the past year and our focus for the school year 2019-2020. We want you in your class. We want you focused on learning. We want you to treat others with respect, and to know you are part of a respectful learning environment.

International Certificate Program: Through the International Certificate Program, high school students become informed, engaged and active global citizens. There are five components that must be completed for the students to earn the certificate:

  • Component 1: Workshops on Cultural Awareness and International Communication. Students participate in a series of workshops around cultural awareness and international communication throughout the length of the program.
  • Component 2: International Language. Students must study an international language either offered by your high school, through Adult, Alternative and Continuing Education or through a provider approved by your school’s principal, the international Certificate Advisor, and the International Certificate Coordinator.
  • Component 3: International Coursework. Students must complete at least two major summative tasks with a specific internationalized focus in any courses between grades 9 and 12. Complete four grade 11 or 12 level courses with an international focus offered by your school.
  • Component 4: International Experience and Engagement. Gain international experience locally or abroad. Students can choose from a number of different options including a long-term student exchange or study abroad program, a series of short-term intercultural experiences, active engagement in local international and intercultural activities or a combination of these activities.
  • Component 5: Portfolio and Personal Reflection. Students will create a portfolio to showcase your achievements and experiences from the International Certificate Program.

Knights LEADing the Way: The Knights Leadership Studies course develops and supports young leaders in the school through experiential learning. This program complements the CASS Students’ Council program by providing a unique opportunity for students to get further involved in their school and community by planning and executing programs, activities and events that enhance the student experience at CASS. Students who take this course will see significant improvements in their leadership, event planning, communication and time management skills.

Rethink Secondary: The Thames Valley District School Board and College Avenue Secondary School are always seeking ways to enhance learning opportunities for our students. Using a growth mindset as we move forward this year, and in the years coming, we will continue to strive to provide a solid foundation for our students and seek new and innovative instructional methods that through evidence of supporting student achievement.

Culture for Learning: At College Avenue we aim to develop a culture for learning based on mutual respect, resilience, perseverance, problem solving, goal setting, and organizational skills. All students play a role in their own success and helping to create an atmosphere that strives for excellence. CASS offers the widest range of supports and programs to help you determine your pathway and your next step after high school. Use this time to help build your skills, develop your direction and broaden your understanding of the world. Your academic and professional future depends on your commitment to yourself and how seriously you work to achieve your goals. This year CASS will be implementing a Culture for Learning program to support all of our students.

21st Century Learning and Competencies: Changing times are transforming the nature of competencies that have been valuable throughout history, such as communication and collaboration. Changes in the workforce, changes in industry, evidence on how to optimize student learning including technology and changes in expectations on the part of our learners are driving this focus. Global Competencies include:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Learning to learn/self-aware and self-directed learning
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Global Citizenship

The staff at CASS are committed to preparing our students with 21st Century competencies that will enable our students to face the many complex challenges in the future.

Technology to Support Rethink Secondary: As part of TVDSB Rethink Secondary, College Avenue is excited to be participating in the 2017-2020 Pilot Project for Technology to Support Rethink Secondary Learning. All teachers involved in the project are required to participate in the professional learning opportunities, as provided by Learning Support Services. The professional learning will assist teachers with incorporating technology and instructional practices that engage students through the use of the Chromebook. All students registered in grade 9 programing will receive a chromebook for their use during the pilot project.

Empower: For over 30 years, the Learning Disabilities Research Program (LDRP) at SickKids has worked to better understand the core learning problems of children and adolescents with severe reading disabilities. All of the LDRP’s work has been conducted according to rigorous scientific guidelines. Based on intensive research and findings, they have developed Empower™ Reading. College Avenue Is delighted to have the opportunity to pilot this program. Empower Reading will be working with a small group of students on decoding, spelling, comprehension and vocabulary that will transform our students with significant reading and spelling difficulties into strategic, independent, and flexible learners.

Emphasis Technology:

  • Exploring Technology Communications Technology Manufacturing
  • Transportation Construction Green Industries
  • Hair and Aesthetics Hospitatlity and Tourism

SHSM: Arts and Culture, Agriculture, Construction, Hospitality and Tourism

Our focus this year will continue to enhance the Culture of Learning that exists here at College Avenue. We want students to engage in their education in a way that will create strong study habits, organizational skills, punctuality and an outlook that reaching their academic and personal goals are achievable with hard work and perseverance. Many of our initiatives have been driven by student need, student and staff voice, school council feedback, and community input.


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